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Consolidated Accounting&Tax

In order to know the actual conditions of a company, not only the figures of its own accounting but also the information of consolidated accounting statements, which reflects conditions of the whole business group, are required. It is essential for group companies especially in preparatory process of public stock offering or M&A.

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Consolidated Accounting Statements  

We provide support in preparing consolidated financial statements (Consolidated Balance Sheet /
Consolidated Income Statement / Consolidated Surplus Statement / Consolidated Cash Flow Statement)
as well as outsourcing service.
・Advice on preparing consolidated financial statements or its outsourcing service
・Assistance for in-house accounting in preparing consolidated financial statements

Consolidated Tax System

Regarding a business group as a single company with a focus on its unity, this system calculates
corporate taxes based on combined group profits and losses by offsetting each profit and loss within the group.
We practice necessary procedures before adopting the consolidated tax system and conduct simulation of
post-implementation procedures.
・Simulation of consolidated tax accounting
・Providing a second opinion
・Consultation for adopting the system
・Preparation and submission of notifications related to consolidated taxation
・Filing a consolidated tax return

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